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Summer Workshop2017


NOTE: the next workshop info will be available on coming June 2018.

A-1 Picture Book's Lecture   panelist: Wakatsuki, MACHIKO (CEO in Bronze-Shin-Sya)
2017 Aug. 18(Fri)13:00~17:00 *no translation

A-2 Picture Book’s Lecture  panelist: Horiuchi, HIDEO (Editor in Iwasaki-Shoten)
2017 Aug. 19 (Sat)13:00~17:00 *no translation

A-3 Picture Book’s Lecture panelist: Ito, HIROSHI (picture books author)
2017 Aug. 20 (Sun)13:00~17:00 *no translation

B-1, B-2 Woodcut Workshop instructor: Yamaguchi, MAO
2017 Aug. 22 (Tue.)/23(Wed.)

C-1,C-2 Etching Workshop instructor: Mizukami, TAMAE
2017 Aug. 24 (Tue)/25 (Wed)

D-1 Book binging Workshop instructor:Koido, SACHIKO
2016 Aug. 26 (Sat)


Workshop for Picture Books Competition in 2016